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BodySculpting Diets

We all know that we all have differing shapes and sizes.  In the past all we could do was to blame our genetics, but now we know that our genetic shapes are dramatically influenced by subtle changes in our hormone balance.

Our bodies are under the constant influence of our hormones.  Most of us have subtle hormonal imbalances that produce a tendency to store fat in particular areas, which can produce devastating effects on our figures.  What is even more amazing is that these hormonal imbalances can often be vastly improved by simple dietary changes which can be further enhanced with herbal supplementation.

There are four main figure types and which type you belong to is often obvious.

Below are Free  Downloadable Diets for the four main body types in PDF format -

belly_and_back_diet – Suitable for apple shaped figures.

bottom_and_thigh_diet – Suitable for pear shaped figures.

dairy_free_diet – Suitable for ‘heavy-set’ figures.

stabilizing_diet -Suitable for slender ‘fine-boned’ figures with problem areas

Dressing For Your Body Shape

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