Chest & Breasts

The treatment of the chest of course depends upon the sex of the patient.


We don’t treat female breasts with lipodissolve. This is not because it has shown to be dangerous, but because the exact causes of breast cancer have not yet been fully determined. Therefore it is unknown if dissolving the fat within the breast could trigger a case of breast cancer or even make it harder to diagnose breast cancer. Therefore we prefer not to treat this area.

We can however treat fatty areas that surround the breast.

The fatty tissues that overly the area of skin between the breasts and the armpits really detract from frontal chest appearance. This excess fat often creates a bulging fold of fatty tissue that is particularly bothersome when the arms are held  against the sides of the body.

Also, the fatty tissues that surround the breasts can detract from their appearance. Excessive fatty tissues, particularly on the side of the chest below the armpits and overlying the lower ribcage tend to diminish the appearance of breast size, making them appear smaller than their actual size.


The appearance of male breasts is often due to pseudo gynaecomastia. Pseudo gynaecomastia can be improved with lipodissolve. Injections are given directly into the fatty deposits and obviously the goal is to masculinize the figure by reducing breast deposits.

This treatment is often combined with sculpting the sides of the chest, flank, back and abdomen. The aim is to treat the feminizing areas of excessive breast tissue, lower truncal fat and ‘love handles’. These areas have a feminizing effect on the male body by producing a feminine ‘hourglass’ figure. Our goals are to transform these into a masculine ‘V’ shape chest that extends down to the belt line.

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