The treatment goals for the back varies dramatically on whether we are treating a man or a woman.


Most females desire a slender back that is covered by an even blanket of fat. When viewed from the back the ideal is an ‘hourglass’ shape silhouette with a thin waist and the absence of any fatty rolls or creases.

Starting at the neck area and working downwards, the common treatment areas are -

At the base of the neck there is sometimes a fatty midline mass. This is often called a ‘Buffalo Lump’

Over the upper back, fat tends to become thicker as we move away from the midline. This produces bulges above and below the bra line and the appearance of rolls and creases in severe cases. Excessive fat in the upper back tends to masculinize the back by producing a powerful looking ‘V’ shape.

Over the mid back, fat also tends to become thicker as we move away from the midline. This destroys the natural waistline and produces a barrel appearance to the silhouette. Once again, severe cases produce fatty rolls and creases.

Down to the lower back the usual trend is for the fat to become thicker as we move away from the midline. This exaggerates the appearance of the ‘love handles’, conveys a box like appearance to the hips and once again can be associated with fatty rolls and creases. In some circumstances, especially in leaner people it is nice to have fat deposits over the love handle area. This is because it both emphasizes the hourglass silhouette and reduces the visual impact of excess fat over the ‘saddle bag’ area over the hips.

Also in the lower back there is occasionally a fatty lump over the sacral or ‘tailbone’ area that detracts from  the appearance of the natural hollow that is usually over the upper buttocks


Lipodissolve to the back in the males is usually confined to enhancing the masculine ‘V’ shape by reducing ‘love handles’ and fatty deposit around the waist. Excessive fat around the waist and love handle areas feminizes the male silhouette by transforming the natural ‘V’ shape to an ‘hourglass’ shape.

Rarely excessive fat on the side of the chest and on the upper back is also treated.

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