Abdomen (Tummy), Waist & Hips (Love Handles)

The abdomen often has a large variance in the thickness of its fat distribution. Often the lower abdomen has extra fat cells, which gives it a ‘pot’ appearance. Treatment objective is to even the overlying fat for a flatter appearance. Abdominal lipodissolve is often combined with abdominal shaping exercises and a change of diet towards foods that minimize abdominal fat deposition. Skin tightening is often the prime objective in lean individuals whose skin has stretched during pregnancy.

In a man, lipodissolve can be used to enhance the ‘six pack’ appearance that is usually only achievable at very low percentage body fat levels.

For the waist and hips (love handles) the objectives are vastly different between the sexes. The female objective is to enhance the natural feminine curves aiming towards an hourglass shape. This is achieved by narrowing the waist and preserving fat over the hips. Sometimes women desire to remove fat around the hips due to fatty bulges present over tight hipster style jeans. We are usually reluctant to treat these areas as this tends to masculinize the female figure. In a male, however, the objective is to lessen the love handles, which produce an hourglass feminization to the male figure. The more the male love handles are dissolved, the more the male figure develops its strong ‘V’ back shape.

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