Shaping Fatty Body Areas

Treatment Areas

Lipomas and fatty bulges anywhere on the body can be treated with lipodissolve

The most commonly treated areas are – abdomen, thighs, hips, saddle bags, love handles, flanks, backs, buttocks, arms, neck, jowls and lower third of face. Lipodissolve treatment stimulates local collagen production which causes the skin and tissues to contract after treatment, unlike liposuction where they tend to sag. This results in tissue firming, smoothing and tightening. These effects make lipodissolve a great adjunct towards the treatment of cellulite and stretch marks. All lipodissolve treatments should aim to firm, smooth and tighten in addition to fat dissolving. Experienced lipodissolve doctors know how to use a combination of the various techniques (deep, medium, superficial, angle, hook and napage) to achieve optimal results.

Common area objectives:


The abdomen often has a large variance in the thickness of its fat distribution. Often the lower abdomen has extra fat cells, which gives it a ‘pot’ appearance. Treatment objective is to even the overlying fat for a flatter appearance. Abdominal lipodissolve is often combined with abdominal shaping exercises and a change of diet towards foods that minimize abdominal fat deposition. Ski tightening is often the prime objective in lean individuals whose skin has stretched during pregnancy.

In a man, lipodissolve can be used to enhance the ‘six pack’ appearance that is usually only achievable at very low percentage body fat levels.

Outer Thighs – Saddle Bags

Saddle bag deposits disrupt the normal curve which runs from the hip to the outer thigh. Visually this disruption tends to shorten the legs by attracting attention to the saddle bag deposit. Often this area is cellulitic and the dimples of cellulite further compound the problem. This area is also associated with banana roll deformity. This roll is a collection of fat that runs across the back of the leg where the lower bottom meets the top of the hamstring. Ideally the lower part of the buttock curve should meet the upper part of the hamstring curve, forming a single crease. When the banana deformity is severe a second crease develops below the extra fatty deposit, making the trapped fatty deposit appear banana shaped – hence its name. The appearance of the banana deformity also tends to visually shorten the legs. Treatment objectives are to minimize saddle bags, banana roll and smooth cellulite, thereby visually lengthening the legs.

Inner Thighs

There is often a deposit of fat on the upper thighs between the legs. This deposit is also known as thigh rub. Removing this deposit visually lengthens the legs.


Often the bottom becomes larger or loses its firmness, smoothness and shape. Treatment objectives are not always to simply decrease bottom size. Sometimes the objective is to maintain size but to improve firmness, smoothness and shape. This is achieved by using superficial techniques to stimulate skin tightening and collagen formation.


Fat pads are common on the lower inner thigh and above the kneecap. In severe cases they extend down to the inner thigh. Treatment objectives are to redefine the natural lower thigh and knee contours to restore aesthetics.

Arms and Shoulders

Fatty deposits on the upper arms can be made slimmer for a more refined athletic shape. Superficial techniques are commonly employed in these areas to maximize skin tightening. Specific concerns around the arms that we address are the fatty bulges that are present on the back above the bra line and on the front between the arms and the bra straps.


Excessive fat on the back can form rolls, especially below the bra. These are treated to minimize folding and bulging.

Lower Back

In both sexes there is occasionally a fatty lump at the base of the spine between the buttocks. This fatty collection is referred to as the sacral hump. When this is reduced it strengthens the natural appearance of the buttocks.

Waists and Love Handles

The objectives in this area are vastly different between the sexes. The female objective is to enhance the natural feminine curves aiming towards an hourglass shape. This is achieved by narrowing the waist and preserving fat over the hips. Sometimes women desire to remove fat around the hips due to fatty bulges present over tight hipster style jeans. We are usually reluctant to treat these areas as this tends to masculinize the female figure. In a male, however, the objective is to lessen the love handles, which produce an hourglass feminization to the male figure. The more the male love handles are dissolved, the more the male figure develops its strong ‘V’ back shape.


Double chins, saggy necks, bull necks and turkey necks can all be improved with lipodissolve. Double chins require more tat dissolving whereas saggy necks require more skin retraction.

Jowls and Droopy Naso-Labial Folds

These areas can be improved by combining fat dissolving and skin retraction. The aim is to achieve lower facial refinement by improving naso-labial, cheek, jowl, jaw line and neck contours.

Male Breasts

Pseudo gynaecomastia can be improved with lipodissolve. Injections are given directly into the fatty deposits and obviously the goal is to masculinize the figure by reducing breast deposits.


The lower legs and calves can be reshaped to provide more calf definition and shaping around the ankles. When treating below the knee, however, results are generally not as consistent as results obtained above the knee.

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