We charge $750 for 250 mls of our lipodissolve solution. We can even go up to 400mls ($1000) for those who want our maximum treatment. If you are a good dieter there is rarely a need to have a 400ml treatement.

The number of areas that we can treat varies with how many kilograms you are from your ideal weight, how tall you are and how much fat is in each body area.

In larger people this usually allows us to cover a large tummy and flanks, large thighs, a large back, or large shoulders and upper arms.

In medium built people (for example females around size 12 to 14 and males who weigh in the 80′s), we usually can cover a few more areas with the 250 mls.

In smaller people who are within a few kilos of their ideal weight, we can stretch the solution to cover pretty much all of your problem areas.

Each of us are individuals with differing needs and requirements. Our goal is to always judiciously use our lipodissolve solution to achieve the best results we can for our patients.

At the consultation we discuss your requirements and offer suggestions as to the best way we can reshape your figure.

Lipodissolve to the lower face and below the chin is priced differently. We charge $300 for treatment to the lower face & jowls, $300 for treatment to below the chin & neck, or $500 when both of these areas are treated together.

Call our nurse Lina on 0405 205 794 if you have any further questions, or would like to make a complimentary consultation with our doctor.

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