Natasha, 32, from Brighton.

Dear Dr.Powell,

Thank you so much for recommending “Lipodissolve” for helping finally rid me of my residual tummy sag, left over from pregnancy 10 years ago. For the sake of others who may be considering Lipodissolve, I would like to add some detail regarding a few aspects of the treatment that may be helpful and reassuring.

I have never had a weight problem as such; just the common 3-5 kilograms that would creep on and off over the course of a year. However, since having my children, despite being in the healthy weight range and a relatively enthusiastic exerciser, I could not do anything about the excess saggy fat on my belly. It made a difference to the clothes I would wear and anything body hugging would mean I couldn’t eat much when I went out, or had to concentrate on holding my tummy in all night. Even at the gym, I was paranoid about this saggy little tyre creeping over the waist-band of my tracksuit pants whilst running, so always kept a check on where my top was at! Because my job requires me to be in good shape and wear a lot of evening wear, it was just a pain (and a shame) that I always had to consider my little belly, when the rest of me was in great shape. I always fantasised that if I could just get rid of that one problem spot – then I would be really happy with my figure. I thought the only option was a tummy-tuck, which I could not only, not afford financially, but the recovery time was an issue, not to mention the pain. It simply wasn’t an option and to be honest, I could live with my tummy the way it was and had accepted it was just one of the parts of having beautiful big babies. It constantly bothered me but I had resigned to the fact that it wouldn’t change. When I met Dr.Powell for the first time, it was for a completely different treatment and I’d never heard of Lipodissolve before. As I was waiting for my appointment, I read all about it and then asked Dr. Powell some more questions. I was understandably fairly anxious about the procedure but, it sounded incredibly effective, easy and affordable so I booked in to have it done.

I went along with a girlfriend for support. I’m glad I did because it did hurt a bit, but was easily bearable. My tummy became a little swollen, red and a little bruised over the next few days. I felt well and I didn’t need any pain killers or analgesics. The swelling lasted about 72 hours and went down fairly quickly after that. At around the 10 week mark, I was probably 70% happy with the improvement and wasn’t sure if I should bother with another one. I decided that I’d come this far so went along for another go. It was much easier the second time. This time around, Dr. Powell recommended that I watch my diet more closely to get the maximum benefits so by my own choice, I started on a 10-day detox the first day-just to kick some bad habits and start afresh. I think this along with plenty of water, may have helped metabolize the injections because the swelling went down really quickly (24 hours) and I was back to normal after only a few days. Over the following weeks I followed the diet recommended on the website, especially cutting out white flour, sugar and other ‘bad’ carbs and fats, and I never felt hungry or deprived. The results were really quick in coming and at around the 4 week mark, I was thrilled with my flatter tummy. It’s now been 9 weeks and I can’t tell you what a difference the second treatment has made. Even if I slouch, I barely have a belly at all! I can wear the most figure-hugging tops with no hint of spare anything! It has made an enormous difference to my confidence and the overall shape and size of my figure. Along with a really healthy way of eating and regular exercise, I’m the thinnest I’ve ever been. I simply cannot recommend Lipodissolve highly enough for people like me who dream of shifting that stubborn spot or two. It’s so worth it!

Bree 21, from Toorak

I was always pretty satisfied with my body but I had more fat on my sides than anywhere else and that made my waist look straight up and down. I was planning my 21st and the outfit that I had chosen looked good but I new it would look better if I lost a couple of kilos and if my waist had more shape. My brother’s girlfriend (see Tara’s story) and her mum had their lipo done by Dr Powell and Tara urged me to go and have a consultation. Dr Powell treated my love handle and waist areas. I was scared of having the treatment but I’d have to say that it was so, so easy. I didn’t have any numbing cream because I didn’t have time but I didn’t need anything. It was a bit like having a leg wax and it was nowhere like having a piercing or tatoo. I felt bruised for a couple of days but nothing else. Before I knew it, it was the night of my 21st. I had lost the 3 kilos I had planned but this time it felt easier and it came from the right places!!! My figure certainly has improved and I now have a waist!!! I was lucky and I got the results in only 1 visit. If you’re thinking about doing it – my advice – Go For It!!!

Anne 47, from Malvern

My problem was my jowls. I had been deliberating on whether to have a face lift and had consulted a plastic surgeon 2 years ago but for some reason I did not undergo the operation. I suppose I was concerned that I was concerned regarding the stigma of having drastic plastic surgery and I was scared that I would look unusual or develop complications. One of my work colleagues suggested that I consult Dr Powell, who had been looking after her face with fillers and Botox for years. During my consultation he did mention that the gold standard for me would be a full face lift, combined with neck liposuction. He told me that the plastic surgeon I had seen was an expert in facial surgery and I would be in good hands if I went to him. Dr Powell said that he could treat my jowls and neck with lipodissolve and he explained the pros and cons of the procedure. The only one I was concerned of was that of facial swelling for up to a week but considering the options I decided to proceed. In retrospect my swelling only lasted for 3 days and so my fears were unjustified. I did have bruising but this was easily coverable with make up. The results were outstanding, especially considering that the cost was only one twentieth of my face lift quote! Since then I have had the injections twice more and I am absolutely satisfied with my result. I am amazed that my jowls are now gone and my neck is thinner and firmer than before. As these were my major concerns I am so happy that I didn’t proceed with major surgery and I cannot believe how little it cost me to achieve my goals. Thank you.


I cannot leave my name or residential details as I have an unusual name and I live in a small country town. Although I have had great results with my treatments I don’t want others to know that I have had them. I am a typical pear shape. When I started I was size 8 top and size 14 bottom. I used to weigh 70 kilograms. Now after 3 easy treatments and a bit of hard work I am 62 kilograms. I am about size 10-12 bottom and I am still size 8 on top. In the past it was impossible for me to lose weight from my legs without my chest and face looking like a skeleton. I have also found that by following the guidelines in the bottom & thigh diet has definitely helped me. My floppy thighs and bottom are firming and I intend to keep on going until I stop seeing improvements.

Fiona, 38 from Ivanhoe

I had treatments for shaping and firming my butt about 11 and 7 months ago. The results have been pleasing and I think that I have nicer shape now. I feel that my butt is still getting firmer whereas my shape stopped improving a few months ago. I won’t need any more treatments now but I will have it blasted again if I start to droop again in the future. It’s good to get back into my shorts.

Rebecca, 46, from Keilor

I was approaching 46 years of age and decided to actively do something abut my flabby tummy and “flanks” (love handles). Yes, I have had 2 children but pregnancy was not the cause of this. Previous to lipodissolve there was only liposuction and I felt that even though the tummy & love handles bothered me all my life, from my teenage years, an operation to remove the fat was not an option.

It wasnt until I started searching the web recently that I came accross Dr Powell and read of the lipodissolve injections. I definitely think that I had read everything single document on lipodissolve and decided to try it, I had nothing to loose if it didn’t work and it was affordable. I contacted Dr Powell and booked for a session on 10 May 2006. The injections were easily tolerated. My torso within a couple of days looked like a barrel and I weighed 50kgs then, bruising was minimal but I had a bruise like tenderness for about 2 weeks, as if I had done a gym session. All this was worth the effort as my body shape changed by the end of 8 weeks , my love handles were reduced as was my tummy and I was extremely pleased. However, Dr Powell said to keep exercising and to eat nutritious meals. I didnt want to loose weight, but I did loose 3kgs, which is too much for me, but still ok.

After this, I thought I would give it another go and sculpt a little more from my sides & tummy. So I had more injections on 10 August. This time the results were not as dramatic but I did loose approx. 2cm from my body BUT I did not reduce my food intake or change my diet as I did not want to loose any weight, however, I did exercise, which I have been doing for the last 15 years. I have had my third injections on 19 October and this time I am determined to loose ALL my fatty areas by doing exactly what Dr Powell has advised me to do, even if I have to loose another 2kgs, I will, its worth it, a slow proccess but definitely worth doing it. On a personal note: Dr David Powell is extremely approachable, friendly, answered all my questions, is very honest and genuine and did not push me to do anything I didn’t want to.

Jane from Shepparton and her experience with lipodissolve. (Has lost over 9 kilos so far).

My name is Jane. I am a 46 year old mother of 4 children and I live in a rural community. Weight fluctuation, pregnancy, breastfeeding and middle age have all contributed to the appearance of saggy skin and cellulite ever most of my body. I investigated liposuction surgery but was deterred by the down time factor, the post operative recovery period, the possible complications of surgery and anaesthetic, the possibility of increased cellulite and stretched saggy skin.

I heard about lipodissolve injections through a local beauty therapist who advised me that Doctor David Powell from Melbourne was conducting this procedure. When I learned of his visiting Shepparton I made an immediate booking. David gave me a thorough and concise explanation of lipodissolve and I had my first treatment then and there.

My thighs, both inner and outer, were injected with the solution. The injections were bearable without anaesthetic. I opted for the maximum dosage to obtain the best benefit and reduce the number of visits I would require. My legs became pink and swollen. I went shopping in the afternoon and was conscious that my fat was a bit wobbly. The next day, swelling and bruising were evident. My legs were quite tender but I did not require any pain relief. Two days later and I felt fine. Within 2 weeks most of the swelling and bruising had dissipated. However the results have been phenomenal. I have lost very noticeable inches from my thighs, cellulite has substantially diminished. I am thrilled, positively thrilled with the end result. Further treatment areas have included my turkey like neck, my stomach, my arms – both upper and forearms. Once again the results have been dramatic. I will continue with treatments until I am satisfied with the final result (probably another 2). The cost factor is minimal compared to liposuction surgery. Because treatments are spread out over a period of weeks, so is the cost factor. Down time is 24 hours. Pain and swelling around 2-3 weeks. Residual benefits continue for 3-4 months. There are no serious side effects. Treatment is done in a clinic not a hospital – much more convenient and less invasive.

Overall, I don’t like injections but these ones are well worth it. I did make a very concerted post treatment effort to follow a healthy eating plan and undertake mild exercise. I felt that I wanted to achieve the optimum result, considering the discomfort I was prepared to subject myself to – and I did. I would not have achieved the tremendous results if not for the lipodissolve and I enthusiastically recommend them to all women and men of all ages.

Ben 28, from Richmond

When I had my lipodissolve 6 months ago Dr Powell asked if I would write a short letter detailing my progress. So, here it is. My girlfriend Jess had her tummy and saddlebags lipodissolved a year ago. Her new shape is so fantastic that I decided to have my love handles lipodissolved. I am 180cm and used to weigh 80kg. I was nervous when I had my treatment done but Dr Powell explained that it wasn’t only girls that have lipodissolve and that lots of guys also have their fatty bits treated. I am very fit but I never liked my love handles. Dr Powell explained to me that my love handles gave me an hourglass figure shape that gave my figure a slight feminine look. That was exactly it! I had never really thought about why I didn’t like them but that made sense to me. He explained that even decreasing my love handles a little bit would give me a more V shape. He told me that if I wanted I could have some anaesthetic cream rubbed on my skin and have my treatment one hour later. I was in a hurry plus Jess told me that it wasn’t bad so I had the injections without anything. I don’t think I am the toughest guy in the world but seriously they were a breeze. Afterwards I was a little sore the next day and my love handles hurt when I played basketball 2 days after treatment. I felt like I had two heavy lumps strapped to my sides that hurt when I came down from a rebound. If we had of won the game I wouldn’t have minded so much! Anyway now it is a long time after my treatment and my love handles are heaps better now. I have only lost 2 kilos but I didn’t need to lose much anyway. Jess went from 60 kilos to 53 but for me I didn’t need to lose much weight. It was mainly to lose just my handles. I used to think I was stupid for having it done but why not! All it is decreasing unwanted fatty lumps that I didn’t want anymore. Some of our friends who have seen our results and have also gone and visited Dr Powell and so all of us are in better shape now!! Thanks a lot doc!

Tara 23, from Toorak

I had my lipodissolve done after my mum had had it done. She was larger but she lost a lot of weight. As I only weigh 52kg, I was concerned that I didn’t want to lose much weight as it would make me look too skinny. Dr David told me that although people can lose a lot of weight after lipodissolve, it never happens by magic. They lose weight by decreasing the amount of food that they are eating whist they are burning their troublesome body fat. He explained to me that in my case as I didn’t have to lose any weight I would only lose a kilo or so, providing that I didn’t actively diet. After the treatment I was a little swollen and tender for about 4 days but it wasn’t too bad. I had my tummy and inner thighs treated and I have had such wicked results that far outweigh any slight discomfort that I had to go through for them.

Shae and what it was like for me to have lipodissolve

Hi my name is Shae and I had lipodissolve 5 months ago. I am a 34 year old secretary. I have always been size 8 on top and I used to be size 14 on my bottom. I felt embarrassed when I first went for treatment but the doctor made me feel very comfortable. I had the injections on my thighs and bottom. They felt a bit like getting waxed. After my treatment I was determined to get great results. It wasn’t that hard as I didn’t crave food like I used too. I didn’t see much improvement in the first month but I remembered that Dr Dave told me that I shouldn’t expect too much in the first month and that most of the fat removal occurs in the second month. All of a sudden 3 months after treatment I realized that my shape had changed and that my track pants were no longer tight. I have gone from size 14 to nearly a 10 now and I am wrapped! I have just had my second treatment as I want to get my lower half as close as I can to my top. You can’t believe what it is like to have a more normal figure.

Samantha 30, from Berwick

I first heard about lipodissolve in 2005 when one of my friends had great results with her legs. As I was scared of having injections I tried the Accent Fat Blaster instead. After 5 goes I wasn’t seeing any results. So, I plucked up my courage and went for my first lipodissolve treatment. I had the numbing cream and although I was still nervous I must admit the treatment was easy. When I saw all of the other people in the clinic I realized that I wasn’t alone. What I particularly liked was that this time I could see and feel the lipodissolve working straight away. My tummy and sides became warm immediately after treatment. I was a little itchy for 10 minutes but this soon passed. I was a little sore the first week, like I had done a heavy work out. I didn’t need to take anything for it and really I was happy that I could feel something actually working. I followed the belly and back instructions and now 10 weeks later I am so happy with my new shape. I used to be straight up and down but now I have a waist, plus I have lost 7 kilograms. I am going to have another treatment as I feel that I could still have further improvements. If you are thinking of having it done – just do it!

Sandra 38, from Lysterfield

All my life I had always been very thin and never had a problem with weight or fatty areas. My weight was mostly around 52kgs. I ate what I wanted all the time but after I had kids, it left me with a bit of a tummy, which is natural of course. I wasn’t really fussed about it until I started putting on a bit of weight and thought I’d better do something about it now than let it get out of hand. At this stage I weighed about 59kgs. A friend of mine told me that she had a Lipodissolve treatment on her tummy and she was really happy with the results. I did some research on the internet and thought I’d give it a try. Dr Powell made me feel very comfortable during the consultation and I made the decision to have the treatment done straight away. The injections were a bit painful to start off with but as the local anaesthetic took effect, it was much more bearable. I took some panadol that night as I felt a little sore. Over the next few days the area was tender to touch, a bit swollen with red blotchy marks and I had a couple of tiny bruises as well. This all faded away over the next couple of weeks. As Doctor Powell explained, I wouldn’t see any changes for at least a couple of months so I sort of put it out of my mind and didn’t think about it. During this time I noticed that my appetite decreased and I began to take more notice about the types of food I ate. After these few weeks went by, I found that my all my pants were getting looser and when I weighed myself, I had lost 7kgs! It has now been about a year since my treatment and the weight has stayed off. I would recommend this procedure to anybody as I am absolutely ecstatic with the results.

Gail 55, from Essendon

When I first saw Dr Powell I was desperate! I had let myself go and my weight had steadily grown to 87kg. I was having troubles fitting into my clothes and was starting to feel down about my weight. I had tried to lose weight on my own but had not had any success over 6 months. When I saw him he explained that lipodissolve is mainly for improving problem fatty areas and not for achieving large amounts of weight loss. He asked me if any particular area of fat was of concern as he couldn’t treat my whole body! I told him that the area of my belly directly under my bra was becoming uncomfortable when I sat down and was irritating me whilst I was driving. He told me that he could lipodissolve that area and that we could use the dissolved fat to help me lose weight. He explained that many patients found it much easier to lose weight after lipodissolve but they always had to work at it and he didn’t want me to waste my money by not taking it seriously. As I was undecided whether to go ahead with treatment or not, he suggested that we try a more conventional weight loss strategy instead. After discussing my diet and examining me, he prescribed some Reductil. After one month I had noticed that I was losing some weight and I decided that I really wanted to try the lipodissolve. I went back to him and had my tummy treated. After treatment I noticed that I wasn’t that hungry but if I had not been trying to lose weight I could have easily pigged out! I remembered that he said for me to listen to my body and to eat a small amount of nutritious food only when I was hungry, not because it was dinner time or the food smelt nice etc. Well after 5 months I have lost 14kg and I feel great. I intend to do the right thing and keep it off. My tummy is flatter and I don’t have that bloated feeling anymore. I would recommend having lipodissolve but realize you also have to help it work with your own effort.

Raquel, 21, from Melbourne

Hi there. I had my treatment for lipodissolve in the 2nd June 2008, approximately 4 weeks ago. And i am just writing to let you know that i am very happy with the results. Myself, my partner and especially my mother who is always annoying me to lose weight have also noticed a difference. the treatment has taken inches off my stomach and love handles as well as given me firmer skin. I would like to thank you for making this possible. Please email me anytime at s3097417atstudentdotrmitdotedudotau to notify me of any other products or treatments you come up with in the future, and also if you change numbers or relocate. Regards, miss Racquel.