How effective is Lipodissolve?

Multi country trials performed by the pioneers of lipodissolve ‘Network Lipolysis’ claimed the patient satisfaction rating to be 93%  This means that the majority of people will achieve their desired outcome. It does not guarantee that everyone will achieve their desired outcomes. Our experience over the past 17 years of performing these treatments is that it needs to be combined a weight loss & exercise program to achieve the best results.

Who is suitable for Lipodissolve?

Lipodissolve is a safe & affordable body shaping method, suitable for many, people – and helps people of all shapes and sizes. It is ideally suited to people who have problem fatty areas and would also like to lose weight. It is also ideally suited to those with lean figures desiring refinement of one or more problem areas. Lipodissolve provides satisfaction without having to undergo a more invasive liposuction procedure and is often used to improve post liposuction irregularities. Indeed, liposuction is not suitable for as many people because it tends to exacerbate skin laxity, whereas Lipodissolve tends to improve skin laxity. The only people who are not suitable for Lipodissolve are people suffering from anorexia nervosa and the extremely overweight who have a medical or psychological impediment to their weight loss.

Is Lipodissolve safe?

Lipodissolve has safely treated hundreds of thousands of people. Here is how it works. Lipodissolves major ingredient Phosphatidylcholine (PC), is a natural product derived from soy that is used orally for many medical reasons. PC has been used medically for many years. PC is already in your body and is found in abundance in your fat cell membranes. When injected into your fatty tissues the PC concentration destabilizes the PC membranes of some of your fat cell membranes, resulting in cell destruction and the release of their fatty contents into the fatty tissue. Another natural component within Lipodissolve, Deoxycholate (DC) dissolves the fatty contents into a “milky” emulsion. Your body’s scavenging cells slowly remove this milky emulsion over the next 2-3 months in the same way that they also remove a bruise. The removed fat is partly eliminated from your body via the intestines but it doesn’t cause any discomfort, nausea or diarrhoea. It is also partly used as preferential source of fuel for your body. In our experience the people who obtain the maximum treatment results are always those who simultaneously take advantage of this period and follow a weight loss diet. This appears to amplify the improvements.

How is Lipodissolve administered?

First we decide which of your fat we are going to treat, weigh you, and then measure and record the thickness of your fatty tissues . We then inject the lipodissolve solution directly into the fatty tissues using microfine needles, similar to acupuncture needles. Injections take around 10 to 15 minutes and are easily tolerated. We have treated thousands of patients and have only had four patients who have not been able to tolerate the injections. There can be some mild injection discomfort, redness or itchiness, though these soon pass. Unlike liposuction – no special pressure garments need to be worn.

Treated areas can become slightly tender and swollen for a few days, as your body prepares to remove your dissolved fat. The amount of swelling varies between patients in the same way that people respond differently to a mosquito bite, but it is never serious. The swelling is only noticeable to others on exposed areas such as the face and upper arms. The treated area feels similar to mild sunburn and is easily controlled with simple analgesics or Solarcaine spray, though these are seldom required.

Do I also have to diet to lose weight?

Patients often report to us that dieting is easier after their Lipodissolve. The mechanism behind this is not known but it is known that increased ketone bodies caused by dieting decreases hunger. Our patients have not reported nausea. The effects of Lipodissolve are greater for those who simultaneously improve their lifestyles during the 2 – 3 month fat dissolving period. The greater achievers are always those who conscientiously improve their diets. Apart from lean people who are simply using Lipodissolve to remove an annoying fatty lump or two, we encourage all patients to actively follow a weight loss diet. We feel so strongly about this that we urge patients to only consider Lipodissolve when they are at a stage in their lives when they can dedicate some time and effort towards themselves. We help our patients with food selection but put simply, generally avoid high calorie foods such as ‘junk foods’ which contain excessive fats and carbohydrates. Choose instead healthier options such as non-starchy vegetables together with lean protein sources. It is important to limit calorie consumption during this time so that maximal fat loss can occur. It is also important to not think of Lipodissolve as a magic wand! The people who achieve the best results are always those who are ready to make a concerted effort to improve their lifestyles. The number of treatments required varies for each individual and the degree of improvement that is desired. Our experience has been that one third of patients achieve their goals with one treatment, one third require two and one third require more. You will know if this treatment is effective for you after your first treatment. We provide patients with a herbal oral supplement that we have found to be a useful tool to assist us in achieving your weight loss goal. If you follow our treatment program – you will achieve results. Our treatment plan has inbuilt time specific objectives and if you are not achieving certain benchmarks additional strategies can be commenced. As doctors we can then prescribe many other therapeutic options to ensure you reach your full potential. Another reason we can be so sure of ourselves is that we work with an extensive network of fitness consultants, dieticians, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, psychologists, personal trainers, weight loss consultants …etc. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to achieve your goals.

When will I notice results?

Within 2 weeks the treated areas slowly begin to soften, any minor bruising resolves and the fatty tissue thickness gradually begins to reduce. At this point you might have noticed a loss in body weight if you have been decreasing your calorie consumption but your contours will not have improved at this stage. Most people begin to notice contour improvement around the 4th week. The maximum fat loss occurs between the 4th and 8th week, and this is when the maximum changes in contours are noted. As it takes your body up to 12 weeks to fully remove the dissolved fat, improvements continue to occur up to this time. Slight lumpiness due to the body preparing the fat cell contents for elimination can sometimes be felt (but not seen) in the treated areas during the first 10 weeks. Lipodissolve offers a very gentle and simple solution to permanently improve unwanted fatty deposits.

Who should not have Lipodissolve?

Lipodissolve is not recommended for children, pregnancy, breast feeding or if you suffer from (active – cancer, HIV AIDS, Hepatitis B or C) or a severe end stage metabolic disease. We don’t treat people who in our opinion suffer from a body dysmorphic disorder or those with a psychological eating disorder.

What are the side effects?

Side effects include – mild bruising, itching, swelling and tenderness. Swelling is usually very minor but can rarely be of concern if your wardrobe only contains tight, figure hugging clothes. Any swelling that does occur usually resolves over the first few days, Aside from mild swelling and bruising there is virtually no ‘down time’ so you can return directly to your work and social life.

What areas can be treated?

Any area of the body from the knee up can be treated. The commonest treated areas are – abdomen, thighs, hips, saddle bags, love handles, flanks, buttock, arms, neck, jowls and lower third of face. Post Lipodissolve local collagen production causes the skin and tissues to contract after treatment; unlike liposuction where they tend to sag. We also treat areas of cellulite.

How much does it cost?

Lipodissolve is a fraction of the cost of liposuction. The cost of a Lipodissolve treatment is usually $750 for the body or $400 for the face. Our unique formula allows us to routinely use 250 mls of lipodissolve solution. This means for many people we can cover most, if not all of a person’s problem areas in a single treatment. This is true for those within 5 kilos or so, of their ideal weight. For those who are heavier than this, the number of areas that we can treat goes down as the thickness of fat being treated increases.

The usual cost of Lipodissolve is $750 per treatment session, though we occasionally perform a ‘double’ treatment for large people for $1000. Treatment costs includes Lipodissolve treatment, GST, and herbal oral supplementation. Our initial consultation is free of charge and of course obligation free. If you are unsure, simply schedule an appointment with our doctor, so we can discuss treatment options for your particular body shape, fat thickness and desired outcomes. We can then give you realistic time frames and the anticipated costs involved in achieving your objectives.

What happens at the initial consultation?

We realize that some of our patients will be nervous and apprehensive about the thought of showing their unwanted fat to a doctor who they have only just met for the first time. Please don’t worry. You are in good hands. Our experienced doctors have performed literally hundreds of thousands of examinations over more than 35 years of practice. We pride ourselves on our levels of professionalism, understanding and patient care. Our privilege is that you have chosen us to help you improve your body. For us that is an honour. We choose not to undress our patients wherever possible. So please wear clothes that can be conveniently loosened to permit easy examination and treatment. During the consultation we will – answer your questions, discuss your particular needs, develop realistic expectations and formulate a treatment plan.

Do I have to undress during treatment?

No. All we need to do is to expose the areas that require treatment. Many patients who tend to be shy or self conscious merely select appropriate clothing for their treatment. For example you can wear a dress or skirt if you are having your legs or bottom treated. Or if you are having your tummy or back treated, you can wear a top and skirt, jeans or pants.

What are the differences between Lipodissolve and Liposuction?

Lipodissolve- Safe, no general or sedational anaesthetic required.- Minimal pain during and after procedure.- Short recovery time.- Rapid return to normal activities.- Ability to precisely control fat removal. No unevenness- Minimal bleeding and bruising.- Microfine needle. No stitches.- Office procedure, no operation, no hospital.- Lower cost. – No permanent ill effects reported.- Extremely rare cases of infection and no reports of bleeding or death. – Future weight gain evenly distributed evenly without ‘bumps’ or waves- No structural damage or irregularities have been reported with lipodissolve.

Liposuction- Not as safe. General or sedational anaesthetic required.- Significant post procedural pain and discomfort.- Prolonged recovery time.- Significant recovery period required away from work and play.- No ability to precisely control fat removal leading to unevenness.- Considerable bruising and bleeding.- Puncture points leaving scars and often requiring stitches.- Operation, Hospital.- Higher cost. – Can cause permanent damage to fat cells and nerves.- Has caused infections and bleeding, leading to death. – Future weight gain often uneven leading to bumps and waves- Permanent damage can occur causing cellulite, saggy skin, skin irregularity or lumpiness of the skin.

Can I keep on exercising after having Lipodissolve?

You can exercise straight away after having your lipodissolve treatment. Extreme sports that wobbles or hits your treated fat will be uncomfortable as your treated fat will be tender for up to a few days. This can be lessened by wearing tight garments such as bike pants, leotards or skins. It is a good idea to swap high impact exercises with low impact exercises for a few days, until any treated fat tenderness subsides. For example, delay high impact contact sports such as martial arts, boxing, football or basketball for a few days until any tenderness subsides. If you are unable to postpone such activities also realize that although you might feel a bit sore, you won’t be damaging your treatment in any way.

Can I still have Lipodissolve if I have fake tan or tattoos on my skin?

We cleanse the skin with an alcohol based cleanser before treatment. Our injections deliver the lipodissolve into the fatty layer and so it is irrelevant whether you have fake tan or tattoos. One slight complication is that when lipodissolve comes into contact with fake tan it removes it, so you will need to have your tan reapplied after your lipodissolve treatment.

Can I have Lipodissolve if I am taking medication?

Yes as Lipodissolve doesn’t react with medications. Please, however, tell us what medications you are taking as certain medications might interfere with some of our other weight loss preparations or local anaesthetics.

Can I go back to work after the procedure?

Most people return to either their work or social life immediately after having Lipodissolve. No special precautions are required.

How does Lipodissolve differ from Mesotherapy?

Lipodissolve and Mesotherapy are often confused. The major difference is that Lipodissolve is the treatment of the body’s fat layer with PCDC to permanently dissolve away fat cells, whereas Mesotherapy is the treatment of the hypodermis with various, pharmaceuticals and vitamins, usually to improve the overlying skin.

Is Lipodissolve permanent? Will the fat ever come back?

Lipodissolve permanently destroys and removes some of your unwanted fat cells. Once they have been destroyed they don’t come back. And as we do not grow or develop new fat cells after puberty, the results are permanent.

If I put on weight will the fat go to other areas?

The aim of Lipodissolve is to permanently remove fat cells from areas of your body where you have excessive fat cells, compared to the rest of your body. The goal is to have a more even fatty layer, rather than a disproportional one. Once this is achieved, if you gain weight then you will gain it more evenly than you did previously.

Does it hurt?

As the only way to administer Lipodissolve is via microfine injections through the skin, there does entail some pain or discomfort. There are two ways to have the procedure performed. Over 95% of our patients elect to have local anaesthetic solution added into the lipodissolve solution. The microfine injections are easily bearable and the areas becomes numb very quickly during treatment. Patients often liken them to being waxed or having electrolysis. Within a few minutes the treated area becomes warm and numb due to the local anaesthetic. The great benefit of this method is that the local anaesthetic relieves any post treatment symptoms. We have treated  many thousands of people without any numbing cream whatsoever. They are usually people who are not concerned re needles and would prefer not to have to wait the extra hour or so before their treatment can occur. If you plan to have the topical anaesthetic cream we suggest that you allocate an extra 2 hours for the numbing cream. The numbing cream reduces the sting of the needles a little but it won’t take it away totally. There is an additional charge of $75 if you choose topical anaesthesic cream. Usually once they have seen the microfine needles, even very needle phobic  individuals elect to skip the numbing cream.  In either way it is your decision and we make sure that you are always feeling 100% ready before you depart our care.

Where does Lipodissolve come from? How is it made?

Lipodissolve’s major active component is derived from soy. Local anaesthetic is added to decrease treatment discomfort and a small amount of adrenaline is added to minimise bruising. Our lipodissolve main active ingredient, phosphatidyl choline is prepared here in Australia under strictly sterile nitrogen chamber conditions by a registered compounding pharmacy. This way we are assured of the strength, quality and safety of our product. Our manufacturer is the largest supplier of phosphatidyl choline in Australia.

Can I do anything to minimize any side effects?

Yes. Firstly it is important to relax and realize that you are having a treatment that hundreds of thousands of patients have successfully undergone, without any drama! It is a good idea not to starve yourself on the day of your procedure and to be well hydrated with water. After treatment drink plenty of water. If you feel any discomfort you can spray the area with some solarcaine spray, or alternatively take paracetamol or voltaren. If any local swelling were to develop, this can be controlled with application of cold compresses.

Can I have Lipodissolve if I am pregnant or breast feeding?

Even though the Lipodissolve preparation is natural and safe, we don’t provide any cosmetic treatments to pregnant or breast feeding women. On the other hand, there is no problem if you fall pregnant any time after having Lipodissolve.

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