The Lipodissolve Process

After discussing your concerns and objectives your treatment areas are marked with a non toxic marker that easily washes off and won’t stain your clothes. We then measure your circumferences, and accurately measure your fat thickness. Most patients elect to have local anaesthetic added into their treatment solution as is makes the treated areas go numb after a few minutes. Having the anaesthetic incorporated into the treatment solution allows us to treat you straight away without waiting.

For people who are petrified of needles and are not in a hurry, we can apply a topical local anaesthetic cream to your skin.

We then wrap you in cling wrap to help numb your skin. You then leave our clinic for an hour or so. When you return and begin treatment your skin is a little numb which helps with the slight sting of the needles. The treatment usually takes just about 15minutes and then you are free to go. There is no down time after treatment and you can resume your normal activities straight away, including driving. We have had hundreds of interstate patients who fly down to Melbourne in the morning, have their treatment and then fly back to their home state in the afternoon.

Immediately after the treatment your treated areas become warm and red as your fat is being dissolved. It will be numb for a few hours and then as the numbness wears off it will feel like a mild bruise. The area will swell a little over the first 1 to 4 days. The swelling dissipates over the next week or so.

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